Monday, October 25, 2010

Boat Restoration Part III: Back on the water!

The blog has been inactive for much of summer because--I finished the boat project! We sailed our little sloop as much as possible this summer, and managed to get on the water 14 times. Mostly we sailed with the boys, but we also organized a Pirate Sailing Adventure for the auction at Liam's school (more about that in a later post). I learned so much rebuilding the inside of the boat, and enjoyed being on the water so much more, knowing that it was structurally sound and safer. But enough words! Here's a little video compilation I made of some of our adventures on the water:

Amy and I also raced in the Take Your Time Fridays series out of Shilshole on our friend Jamie's 40' Centurion Lucidity, and man was that ever fun! I managed to crew for 5 races, and Jamie even put me on the foredeck for the last race. That was exciting, scary at times, and extremely educational.

Despite our crummy weather this sailing season, we managed to have a fantastic time on the water!

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